• 3D printing

    The original files of the Centriphone are available for free via Thingiverse.


  • What else you will need

    Nylon wire

    diameter: 0.4 mm

    Rubber band



  • Step by step guide

    Step 1: Print it.

    Step 2: Set wires.

    • Cut 3 nylon wires at approximately 220cm
    • Attach wires on the Centriphone using a simple but solid knot.

    Step 3: Balance

    • Put your phone in your 3d printed case with the three nylon wires attached.
    • Put the Centriphone on the floor.
    • lift the top part of the phone with an object of your choice, in order to get your lens pointing at you.
    • Put some weight on the Centriphone to make sure it stays in place while adjusting.
    • Lift the cables up until they all are straight.
    • once the wire are straight hold them together and make a knot at approximately 150cm from the ground.

    Step 4: Set length

    • The remaining length of wires can be adjusted for your shot framing to be wider/narrower. (Recommended overall length from hand to device is approximately 220cm).
    • Attach the extremity of the wires to your handle if you have one.

    Step 5: Secure

    • Place the rubber band to hold the device and the Olloclip. (for smartphone version only)

    Step 6: Adjust camera settings

    • For GoPro: 
      recommended video mode is 720p 120fps. Try the WVGA @240fps for a more fluid result.
    • For iPhone: 
      recommended video mode is slowmotion (@240fps).
    • Make sure to lock the focus on the iPhone by tapping and holding the screen until you see an AE/AF banner appear at the top of the screen. 

    Step 7: Fly it!


    • Make sure you operate your Centriphone in a safe place.
    • Remember that you built it yourself, so it might break at some point.